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Quantity & Cost Estimating Course (ARC5D)

Learn how to setup ARCHICAD for model based estimating in this 7 week course!

Do you want to extract automated quantities and cost reports from your ARCHICAD project? If so this course is for you.

By the end of this course, you'll be fully equipped to develop your own ARCHICAD template, setup for cost estimating.

Build the confidence to deliver added value to your clients, and earn more work and set your firm apart by deploying model based quantification and cost estimating.

What you'll learn:

  • What BIM Data is needed, and how to create it.
  • How to generate and organize reports.
  • Methods for applying cost data to model elements.
  • How to setup property data exchanges with Excel.
  • How build an Estimate in Excel with ARCHICAD reports.
  • Key Excel Formulas for calculating costs and summaries.

Course Instructors:

The QCE Course curriculum and activities are developed by John Hallgarth, founder of CONTRABIM, and built on similar methodologies used within the C5D Estimating solution.

John teamed up with Eric Bobrow, founder of AMT MasterTemplate and "ARCHICAD Best Practices" to deliver this exciting training session to users around the world.

The QCE course was developed by John and Eric to accompany the collaborative template, AMT+C5D, but also for any ARCHICAD users looking to get into model based estimating.

The course is built on the default Graphisoft template, so any user both USA and INT can participate and follow along.

Course Structure:

Each session of his self-paced course is broken down into learning objectives and associated curriculum (presented in slides), followed by a live activity within ARCHICAD.

Follow along week to week, and by the end of the course you'll have build your very own Estimating Quick-Start Kit, ready for use on your next project.

Course Outline:

Session 1: Setting up ARCHICAD and Excel

Learning Objective: An overview of key BIM data, and best practices for setting up ARCHICAD and Excel.

Activity: Setup ARCHICAD Properties, Classifications, Building Materials and Excel Summary.

Session 2: Basic Modeling, Reporting & Estimating

Learning Objective: An overview of ARCHICAD's base design tools (walls, slabs, beams, columns, roofs), and how to generate reports.

Activity: Generate reports for model elements with basic structures, and publish and link reports into Excel for cost calculation.

Session 3: Composite Structures & Complex Profiles

Learning Objective: Understand key data and reporting methods for composites and complex profiles.

Activity: Analyze composite walls, slabs and roofs, and generate secondary cost data parameters and reports for components.

Session 4: System Tools: Stairs, Railings & Curtainwalls

Learning Objective: An overview of ARCHICAD system tools, and levels of reporting summary and details.

Activity: Generate reports and estimates for systems and sub-components.

Session 5: Objects and Zones

Learning Objective: A review of ARCHICAD Objects, including windows and doors, as well as how zones can be setup for conceptual estimating.

Activity: Analyze opening objects as well as placed objects. Setup properties for zones to drive conceptual estimating.

Session 6: Advanced Data - IFC & Expression Based Properties

Learning Objective: Overview of Expression based properties, and custom properties within the IFC data scheme.

Activity: Review and create several Expression based properties, as well as map IFC properties.

Session 7: QCE Quickstart Kit

Learning Objective: This session provides on overview of the course, and the developed Quickstart Kit that compiles lessons learned and activities.

Activity: Create a new project file and estimate using the Quickstart Kit.