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CONTRABIM Excel Loader (CXL)

Create a bridge between your BIM Model and Excel.

This macro-enable Excel files allows you to automate your BIM workflows into Excel. Use this tool to create your own automations, so you can quickly refresh from your BIM project file into a customized Excel file of your own design.

What you'll get:

  • CXL Report Loader (XLSM)

  • Tutorial Videos

What is CXL?

CXL is CONTRABIM's Macro-Enabled Excel file that allows you to browse for a source folder, and load the contents of that folder into a dashboard.

From there, select what sources you want to place, on what specific sheets, and then select an insertion cell.

Refreshing the workbook, or specific worksheet, will place the data creating a refresh-able connection that is easy to manage.

Why CXL?

Microsoft Excel offers out of the box "Get External Data" links for connecting one XLSX/TXT file into another. This works great for a single time connection, but when you have to re-specify 10's or 100's of connections each time you want to replace the data source, this becomes very cumbersome and time consuming.

CXL allows you to select a folder than contains 1, 10, or 100's of source files, and replace them by simply choosing a new source folder.

This makes it easier to build template files for any purpose, including useful dashboards to help summarize and report your most important data.