7-Week Quantity and Cost Estimating Course

Learn how to quickly create your own BIM Data, Quantity Reports and Cost Estimates using ARCHICAD and Excel.


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Quick Start Kit

Bonus ARCHICAD and Excel files to support your learning

About this course

This course has been specially created for Architects, Engineers and Building Professionals to leverage their ARCHICAD BIM data to develop a range of reports and estimates.

Built on the concepts and pioneering work behind CONTRABIM, and in conjunction with Eric Bobrow, Internationally recognized ARCHICAD trainer, this course will help advance your career.


Course Outline & Teaching Method

Each lesson contains a lecture-style presentation accompanied by slides, and downloadable files so you can follow along at home. Your learning is then solidified with a special activity at the end of each lesson.

The lesson outlines and activities are listed below.

Lesson 1: ARCHICAD and EXCEL Setup

This lesson provides a roadmap to the course, and introduces key concepts behind model based estimating with ARCHICAD.

Our hands-on activity will include setting up ARCHICAD Properties, Classifications, Building Materials and an Excel Summary Report.

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Lesson 2: Basic Modeling Tools

This lesson dives deep into the common ARCHICAD Design Tools, including Walls, Slabs, Beams, Roofs & Columns. We'll also explore the basics of setting up Interactive Schedules, their criteria, and fields.


This activity will accelerate your ability to generate detailed reports for the most commonly used design tools. Follow along to create a link from ARCHICAD to Excel.

Lesson 3: Composites & Complex Profiles

In this lesson, we expose the secrets behind composite structures and complex profiles. Learn how to create and manage sub-element data, while extracting material component quantities.


This activity walks you through the "secondary" unit cost properties, and demonstrates how component based reports are generated.

Lesson 4: Stairs, Railings & Curtainwall

In this lesson, we introduce the "system" design tools, which make it easy in ARCHICAD to model complex assemblies for Stairs, Railings & Curtainwalls. Session 4 disects these tools, and explores methods of quantification and data extraction.


This activity explores each system tool, and provides a follow along example for generating summary level and sub-component level model takeoffs.

Export and Link into Excel.

Lesson 5: Objects and Zones

Learn about quantifying Elements in the Object Library, as well as "Hosted" Objects such as Windows, Doors & Skylights. 


This activity explores several report types for windows, doors and zones. Learn how to exchange data with Excel, in a round trip export/import.

Session 6: Expressions & IFC Data

This lesson steps up to advanced data types, including Expression-Based Properties and Industry Foundation Class parameters.


In this activity, follow along as we generate Expression-Based Properties for several common takeoff types, including Brick, Stud Framing, Tile and More.

Session 7: Bonus - Quick Start Kit

This bonus session introduces a Quick Start Kit, or assembly of cost loaded parts ready to be used on an ARCHICAD Project. Built into the GRAPHISOFT Default Template, use this kit to quickly jump start your Quantification and Estimating Process.


Learn how to use the Quick Start Kit for starting a new project. Eyedrop zones and elements to pickup their settings while generating quantities and quick costing. Refresh into Excel and continue to model with this pre-set workflow, built over the past 6 weeks.

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Course Instructors:

The QCE Course curriculum and activities are developed by John Hallgarth, founder of CONTRABIM, and built on similar methodologies used within the C5D Estimating solution.

John teamed up with Eric Bobrow, founder of AMT MasterTemplate and "ARCHICAD Best Practices" to deliver this exciting training session to users around the world.

The QCE course was developed by John and Eric to accompany the collaborative template, AMT+C5D, but also for any ARCHICAD users looking to get into model based estimating.

The course is built on the default Graphisoft template, so any user both USA and INT can participate and follow along.

Course Structure:

Each session of his self-paced course is broken down into learning objectives and associated curriculum (presented in slides), followed by a live activity within ARCHICAD.

Follow along week to week, and by the end of the course you'll have build your very own Estimating Quick-Start Kit, ready for use on your next project.

Course Outline:

Session 1: Setting up ARCHICAD and Excel

Learning Objective: An overview of key BIM data, and best practices for setting up ARCHICAD and Excel.

Activity: Setup ARCHICAD Properties, Classifications, Building Materials and Excel Summary.

Session 2: Basic Modeling, Reporting & Estimating

Learning Objective: An overview of ARCHICAD's base design tools (walls, slabs, beams, columns, roofs), and how to generate reports.

Activity: Generate reports for model elements with basic structures, and publish and link reports into Excel for cost calculation.

Session 3: Composite Structures & Complex Profiles

Learning Objective: Understand key data and reporting methods for composites and complex profiles.

Activity: Analyze composite walls, slabs and roofs, and generate secondary cost data parameters and reports for components.

Session 4: System Tools: Stairs, Railings & Curtainwalls

Learning Objective: An overview of ARCHICAD system tools, and levels of reporting summary and details.

Activity: Generate reports and estimates for systems and sub-components.

Session 5: Objects and Zones

Learning Objective: A review of ARCHICAD Objects, including windows and doors, as well as how zones can be setup for conceptual estimating.

Activity: Analyze opening objects as well as placed objects. Setup properties for zones to drive conceptual estimating.

Session 6: Advanced Data - IFC & Expression Based Properties

Learning Objective: Overview of Expression based properties, and custom properties within the IFC data scheme.

Activity: Review and create several Expression based properties, as well as map IFC properties.

Session 7: QCE Quickstart Kit

Learning Objective: This session provides on overview of the course, and the developed Quickstart Kit that compiles lessons learned and activities.

Activity: Create a new project file and estimate using the Quickstart Kit.