Hi, I'm John Hallgarth, founder and creative force behind CONTRABIM.

My mission is to help ARCHICAD users from all around the world achieve more with this powerful tool, from design through construction and beyond.

I feel like there is so much to share and to learn about ARCHICAD, it has become my #1 passion, and I want to share and contribute content and value to users around the globe.

My background is in commercial construction, and I've worked on projects large and small, of all different delivery methods. The one things I know for sure is the AEC industry is ready for a change, and that change can only occur through education and helping individuals and teams grow their abilities to perform better together.

My mission is to share the experiences and knowledge I've collected over the years, and to help others achieve more through ARCHICAD and other BIM tools.

I hope you'll join me in this quest for better BIM, and join the CONTRABIM community to network with other like minded, passionate ARCHICAD users who share the same goals of delivering excellence to their projects and clients.



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