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Archicad 27 Work Environment

Oct 26, 2023

It's that time of year! Once a new release of Archicad comes out, the first step to...

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Cost Loading and Labeling Composite Structures in Archicad

May 26, 2023

In this Archicad Tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to load up elements with Cost Labels utilizing...

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Creating % Slope Labels in Archicad

May 24, 2023

Have you ever wanted to add a % Slope label to your meshes? If so, check out this video tutorial...

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Renovation Tool Overview + 10 Unique Uses (Archintensive 2023 Replay)

May 15, 2023

If you are not using the Archicad Renovation Tool, you are not taking advantage of a powerful...

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Breaking into 5D BIM | Archintensive 2021 Replay

Apr 17, 2023

CONTRABIM Is back at the Global Archicad Conference, ARCHINTENSIVE 2023!

This year we've got a...

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Generate Topography Lines from your Meshes

Feb 07, 2023

In this video blog tutorial, we'll teach you how to generate 3d topographic lines from...

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Intro to Archicad Library Part Maker

Nov 18, 2022

I couldn't find any good tutorial videos on the Archicad Library Part Maker, so I decided to...

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Working with Point Clouds (Part 2)

Nov 17, 2022

Welcome to Part 2 of our Point Cloud Tutorial Series!

In this video, we'll walk through the steps...

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How to Create Single Line Display of MEP Systems in Archicad

Sep 22, 2022

Most MEP Engineers typically output their design documents with single-line views of piping and...

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Exterior Wall with Water Table

Sep 20, 2022

A common request from both the CONTRABIM Membership Community as well as the YouTube Community,...

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Working with Laser Scans Point Clouds in Archichad (Part 1)

Jul 22, 2022

By laser scanning your projects, you can quickly capture billions of measurements that help...

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How to Create and Place Interior Elevations on Drawings

Jul 20, 2022

Learn how to create and save Interior Elevation viewpoints, that are automatically named from...

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Creating Complex Profile Offset Modifiers in Walls

Jul 18, 2022

Archicad's Complex Profile Manager enables you to create Offset Modifiers, which can be powerful...

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Archicad 25 - New Casework Cabinet Objects!

Aug 13, 2021

In Archicad 25 the biggest and most exciting change to the object library was the casework...

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Using the Renovation Tool to Create Multiple Design Options

Mar 24, 2021

In this tutorial, we'll explore a method of using the Renovation Tool for creating different...

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Part 1 - Exploring the 2021 Estimating Toolkit SYSTEMS

Mar 23, 2021

By John Hallgarth - Founder, CONTRABIM

We're going to take a deep dive today, so thanks for...

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Archicad Pen Set Management Tools (Free Download)

Mar 16, 2021

We've been working a lot on the new CONTRABIM PEN SETS, and through that process we've created a...

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How to Build Dynamic Cost Assemblies from Archicad Objects

Mar 04, 2021

In Archicad, we often model kitchen cabinets complete with countertops and backsplashes all in...

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