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Creating a Refresh-able Link: ARCHICAD to Excel


Creating a Refresh-able Data Connection; ARCHICAD to Excel

To take full advantage of the information (data) stored within BIM, we need to...

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Three Hidden Copy & Paste Functions with ARCHICAD Marquee

As I'm combing through and making updates to my ARCHICAD Template, I'm realizing more and more the value of bringing 3D content, and sectional...

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CONTRABIM 2020 Work Environment Profiles (AC23)

In this video and blog we'll explore the new CONTRABIM Work Profiles, and discuss how presentation and productivity modes can help optimize your...

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ARC5D Collaborative Template for Estimating

If you're interested in deploying an ARCHICAD Template, that has over 10 years of development, in combination with CONTRABIM 5D Estimating, your...

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Upgrading ARCHICAD Surfaces to Version 23

Check out the new materials for ARCHICAD 23, fully configured CONTRABIM style! This year I'm putting a much larger emphasis on visuals, and trying...

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How to Exchange ARCHICAD Property Data with Excel

 If you've ever struggled with exchanging ARCHICAD properties with Excel, then check out this tutorial video where we troubleshoot some of the...

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Welcome to the CONTRABIM Blog

company news website Sep 03, 2019

Hi Everyone!

John here, and yes this is my first ever blog post on the brand new CONTRABIM Website! (Sorry WIX, we've ditched you for...

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Speed Estimating Demonstration - ARC5D International Metric

See how quick and easy it can be to produce quantities and cost estimates using the ARC5D Collaborative Template.

Watch is we begin a new project,...

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ARC5D in Action - Quick Modeling, Quantification & Estimating in ARCHICAD

Check out this quick video on the ARC5D Collaborative Template, highlighting CONTRABIM 5D Estimating workflow as applied to the AMT MasterTemplate....

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A 10-Story Condominium Project Gets Quantified & Estimated

Check out this quick video and see this project in action, along with the detailed quantity and cost estimating workflow made possible by CONTRABIM...

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