Tools and Training for ARCHICAD

We help Architects, Engineers & Builders do more with ARCHICAD, so they can deliver greater value to their clients.

A Design-Build Approach to ARCHICAD

Our mission is to help ARCHICAD users around the world get more from their BIM workflows through advanced training and tools.

CONTRABIM is the result of years of research and development within ARCHICAD, focused on bridging design and construction through Building Information Modeling. We are excited to bring you new regular content including training and BIM tools to help ARCHICAD users do more.

Bringing a Design-Build mentality to almost everything we do, we aim to help educate and bring design and construction professionals together in pursuit of better BIM delivery, through our favorite software, ARCHICAD.

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We are passionate about teaching ARCHICAD, and want to help you solve problems that will impact your daily activities.

BIM Templates

Let us help you by providing years of research, packed into concise workflows and ARCHICAD template files.


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