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Learn to Render Beautiful Architectural Scenes with Twinmotion 2023.2

New Course!

Our Brand New Training Course on Twinmotion 2023.2 will teach you how to create realistic renderings of your projects very quickly.

Learn from the expert, Serdar Barbaros from SB Architect YouTube Channel, and follow along as we build up a project scene together!

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Our Ready-Built Archicad Templates can save you years of time while expanding your capabilities

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Learn new techniques at your own pace through our on-demand training courses!

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Join our Global Community of Archicad Users. Ask Questions, Connect and Thrive!

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The Anatomy of Archicad Training Course

Our latest collaboration delivers an immensely important training program for new and advanced Archicad users, who want to learn to Think and Speak the Archicad Language.

This on-demand training course is available now!

Learn more about the Anatomy of Archicad
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BIM Templates and Tools

Through membership to CONTRABIM, access all the Archicad Templates and Tools we offer.

CONTRABIM Residential Template for Archicad

Residential Template for Archicad

Available for Archicad 25, 26, & 27 USA and INT versions, accelerate your workflow through pre-built favorites, views, layouts and reporting.

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Commercial Template for Archicad

Commercial Templates for Archicad 25 & 26, USA & INT (v27 coming soon)

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SYSTEMS 5D Estimating

Our feature 5D Estimating Toolkit that Archicad users can add to any template file or project. Includes in-depth training program.

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CONTRABIM Excel Loader

Our macro-enabled workbook helps you create custom automations from Archicad to Excel. Build dashboards, estimates, reports and more.

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Recent Training Programs

Choose from any of our recent training programs to level up your Archicad skills and modeling techniques.

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Site Modeling from Point Clouds

In this real world training series, learn techniques and strategies for developing site plans for parcel subdivisions. (Published March 2023)

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Build Shop Drawings in Archicad

Learn how to setup Archicad for shop drawing detailed modeling and documentation. (Published February 2023)

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Build Archicad Objects with LPM

In this training series, learn how to use the Archicad Library Part Maker add-on to build windows, doors, lamps and more! (Published December 2022)

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Bootcamp Training Series

Learn to build a real project from the ground up through this 28 day Bootcamp Training! (Published September 2022)

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MEP Systems Modeling in Archicad

Do you run into MEP Coordination issues on your projects?

If so, take control by adding MEP modeling to your projects so you can pre-coordinate issues and clear the way for work to be installed in the field.

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Check out all of our recent training videos and detailed writeups on our blog.

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Oct 26, 2023

Cost Loading and Labeling Composite Structures in Archicad

May 26, 2023

Creating % Slope Labels in Archicad

May 24, 2023

Renovation Tool Overview + 10 Unique Uses (Archintensive 2023 Replay)

May 15, 2023

Breaking into 5D BIM | Archintensive 2021 Replay

Apr 17, 2023

Generate Topography Lines from your Meshes

Feb 07, 2023

Intro to Archicad Library Part Maker

Nov 18, 2022

Working with Point Clouds (Part 2)

Nov 17, 2022


CONTRABIM's Archintensive 2023 Presentation Is Posted!

Archintensive 2023 was a globally attended training event on Archicad presented by leaders from around the world.

CONTRABIM was featured for a second year in a row, this time diving deep into the Renovation Tool!

Watch Replay + Free Sample Download!


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