Excel Loader (CXL)

Quickly build Estimates, Schedules, Dashboards and more
by linking your BIM data sets into Excel.


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XLSX & TXT Linkage

Link the two most common BIM report file types of into a single workbook.

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Super Fast BIM Refresh

Once published from your BIM project file, refresh one or multiple reports in seconds.

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Multiple Sources Per Sheet

CXL now supports the ability to place multiple data sources onto a single sheet.

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A Simple, Powerful Tool to Help You Automate

CXL Enables you to link your most important BIM reports, into Excel Workbooks for building important reports such as Estimates, Schedules, or any Type of Dashboard.

Totally Customizable, the power is up to you.

CONTRABIM Excel Loader (CXL)

This innovative Macro-Enabled Excel template allows you to link XLSX and TXT file formats into a single workbook, enabling a bridge between BIM platforms and Excel Workbooks.

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