ARCHICAD MasterTemplate (AMT) + 5D Estimating Pack (C5D)
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Two powerhouse templates to bring best practice standards and estimating to your ARCHICAD projects.



The AMT +C5D MasterTemplate Bundle includes:


5D Estimating Pack

CONTRABIM's 5D Estimating Pack, preloaded and setup for your convenience.


ARCHICAD MasterTemplate

An industry leading independent ARCHICAD template.


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The AMT+C5D bundle helps ARCHICAD users not only design better and more efficiently, but it also automates the quantification and cost estimation process.

Take a look at how the bundle bridges the gap between design and cost estimation in this short video.


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About the ARCHICAD MasterTemplate

Eric Bobrow's MasterTemplate (AMT) is a robust customizable office standard for ARCHICAD which includes Best Practice methods right into the project structure.

With automated views, drawings, and publisher sets, this template truly is a workhorse, which can accelerate your design deliverables while improving the documentation process.

AMT consists of an Interactive Legends file, or library of commonly used model elements, combined with a fully detailed Template file used for starting new projects.

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About the in-built CONTRABIM 5D Estimating Pack

We worked closely with Eric to add our 5D Estimating Pack directly into AMT to create the C5D-AMT Bundle, so you can save time implementing these powerful tools into your workflow.

C5D is the Quantification and Cost Estimating component of the bundle. It's an important slice of the puzzle, and empowers users to generate quantity reports and cost estimates with speed and precision.

You'll be able to start reporting immediately with over 50 detailed quantity cost report templates, and seamlessly link ARCHICAD reports to our macro-enabled Excel workbook.


About the included Sample Projects

We are pleased to include two amazing example projects*, built in MasterTemplate, and pre-loaded with CONTRABIM C5D.

These files make excellent examples to learn how C5D is applied to AMT.

Copyright: Both Commercial and Residential Example projects are provided for training purposes only, and all works contained within are copyrighted by their respective designers. All rights reserved.

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Bundle compatible with both USA and INT ARCHICAD versions:


The C5D+AMT Bundle works on ARCHICAD USA versions 22 & 23, on both Mac and PC systems. Users in North America will benefit from the familiar classification systems, including CSI Masterformat as the core numbering system.

The USA version is built on USD currency, and uses Imperial Units.


International customers can access the INT Version of the C5D+AMT Bundle. This version has been modified to use Metric Units, along with some special parameters making it easier to modify local classification systems and currencies. We've setup specific audit reports to help you add your own numbering systems, so you can craft this template to suite your needs.

INT is built on USD currency, and uses Metric Units.

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Choose the C5D+AMT Bundle or boost your understanding of estimating best practices by adding our online Quantity and Cost Estimating course!

C5D pre-loaded within
ARCHICAD MasterTemplate (AMT)


Includes everything you need to get up and running in ARCHICAD, FAST:

  • ARCHICAD MasterTemplate pre-loaded with CONTRABIM 5D Estimating, ready for immediate use
  • Residential and Commercial Project Example files

C5D pre-loaded within
ARCHICAD MasterTemplate (AMT) + Online Training


Everything you need, plus training: