AMT+C5D MasterTemplate

A beautiful marriage of two powerhouse templates. MasterTemplate & CONTRABIM 5D Estimating

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AMT MasterTemplate 23

Get the latest version of MasterTemplate, with over 10+ years of development by Eric Bobrow and the ARCHICAD Best Practices Methods.


A detailed quantification and cost estimating solution, setup and preloaded in both USA and INT versions of AMT MasterTemplate.

Tutorial Member Site

Get access to our library of tutorial videos, demonstrating the key concepts and how to's of setting up your own library and project files.

ARC5D Collaborative Template

MasterTemplate Pre-Loaded with CONTRABIM 5D Estimating! Check out this short video for more info.

USA Versions 22 & 23

AMT+C5D is fully supported on both Mac & PC, for ARCHICAD USA versions 22 & 23. Users in North America will benefit from the familiar classification systems, including CSI Masterformat as the core numbering system.

USA is built on USD currency, and Imperial Units.

INT Versions 22 & 23

For International Users, AMT+C5D has been crafted for Metric Units, and with some special parameters making it easier to modify to local classification systems and currencies. We've setup specific audit reports to help you add your own numbering systems, so you can craft this template to suite your needs.

INT is built on USD currency, and Metric Units.


We are so excited to be able to share two amazing example projects, built in MasterTemplate, and pre-loaded with CONTRABIM C5D.

We encourage you to explore these real world projects, and use them as training examples to better understand how C5D is applied to AMT.


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