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C5D Estimating Package

For ARCHICAD users who want to quickly generate quantity reports, and build cost estimates directly from their models to Excel.

What you'll get:

  • C5D Property Set (XML)
  • Over 50 Quantity & Cost Reports (XML)
  • CONTRABIM Excel Estimate Template (XLSM)
  • Access to C5D Training Video Library
  • Current Version: AC22
  • Includes Upgrade for AC23 (Jan 2020)


C5D is compatible on both PC & Mac based operating systems, in both Metric and Imperial Units.

Cost Reports

The C5D package includes several types of cost reports, to serve different purposes. Easily import them all in a single step.

Audit Reports: Assists the end user in validating classifications, identifications, costs and units. Helps ensure everything in your ARCHICAD project is assigned for reporting.

Detailed Reports: Helps the users apply large amounts of cost data and details through an Export/Import data exchange with Excel.

Model Element Reports: Broken down by trades of construction, these reports organize model elements into systems, generates takeoff quantities, and allows users to assign units and unit costs to model elements.

Zone Reports: Used to generate target based estimates and fill scope gaps where model elements may not be included (or not modeled yet).


Excel Estimate (XLSM)

CONTRABIM's Excel Template allows you to specify a file path to your ARCHICAD published reports, and refresh them within seconds! This creates a new level of speed between model and estimate, allowing you to work faster and with more iterations as you dial in your model contents.

Each report has it's own worksheet, which can be customized and formatted to fit the end users desires. Create charts to visualize your data, and prepare sub-totals to be included in the estimate summary.

*The Excel Estimate template is Macro-Enabled, which allows for seamless refresh of published ARCHICAD reports. This macro-enabled file is compatible on Mac & PC versions of Excel, 2016 and newer.


Training & Support

We are here to help you succeed! It's our mission to make you more productive, more efficient, and more capable to deliver added value through your ARCHICAD projects, to your clients.

As part of the C5D Package, you'll get access to our step by step training series that will help guide you through the process of applying this model based estimating workflow.

You'll also be joining a network of like minded, passionate ARCHICAD users who share the same mission. Comment with questions or notes on the message boards, and we can all improve and learn from each other.


As part of your purchase of C5D, you'll receive a free upgrade to the ARCHICAD 23 version soon to be released with additional enhancements.

We're excited to have you on board with CONTRABIM, and look forward to bringing you additional value through training, tools and workflows to help you do more with ARCHICAD!