Let's Push the Limits of Archicad Together!


CONTRABIM: Where Archicad Users Connect, Ask Questions, Challenge the Status Quo, Collaborate, Learn and Grow Together 


The CONTRABIM Membership Site was built for the mission of connecting Archicad Users from around the world through shared templates, training, and feedback from users with similar goals and objectives.

These shared ambitions drive the work we do here at CONTRABIM through building templates and training programs to help others achieve success.

If your mission is to design and build amazing projects with Archicad in the Architectual, Engineering and Construction Industry, we welcome you to CONTRABIM!

Common Goals of Our Members

  • To Feel Empowered by Archicad
  • Leverage Templates for Efficiency and Speed
  • Access to Advanced Training & BIM Resources
  • Harness the Information behind Modeling
  • Network with other Archicad Users
  • Skill Up to Impress Clients and Win More Work

Our Mission at CONTRABIM

  • Teach Archicad while Learning from Community
  • Provide Advanced Training on AEC BIM Practices
  • Continue to Refine our Tools and Training
  • Expand our Network of Collaborators
  • Connect Archicad Users with Industry Specialists
  • Continue to Push the Limits in Archicad

What is Included in the CONTRABIM Membership?


Simply Put, Everything!

At CONTRABIM, our mission with the Membership model was to simplify and make it easier for our users to access all the different templates, tools, and training we develop for Archicad.

By being a member of CONTRABIM, not only do you get access to our latest 2022 releases, but we continue to roll forward tools and training programs we've completed in the past, refreshed with latest techniques.

Beyond that, you'll also get any new training program, template variation, or BIM tool we provide to our user base as long as you remain an active member of the community. We have long list of templates variations and trainings in the works, and we hope you'll enjoy the benefits of membership which provides access to all them!

As a Member, you'll also have exclusive access to to ask questions directly, start conversations, and influence the future development of CONTRABIM.


Two Products Side by Side

By Subscribing to CONTRABIM, you'll get access to two core products that work side by side together.

The Membership Site includes access to all of the Template and BIM Tool Downloads, and extensive yet growing library of tutorial videos.

The Community Site, is a forum based page where users can ask questions, open new topics, reply and connect with other users directly.

Enrollment Details

We have a special offer packed with tons of training and templates!


By joining today, you'll get access to the 2022 CONTRABIM Templates and Training Programs, as well as all upcoming tools and training we have in development!

Specifically, you'll get access to:

  • v25/v26 Residential Template USA (Available Now)
  • v25/v26 Residential Template INT (Available Now)
  • Community Site Access (Instant Access)
  • Top 10 Template Essentials Training Videos (Instant Access)
  • 28 Day Bootcamp Training Program (Instant Access)
  • Bootcamp Recap Videos (10x speed)
  • Point Cloud Training Workflow Series
  • Library Part Maker Training Series (Coming Early December)
  • Plus many more Template Variations, Focus Subjects and Training Workflows as we close out 2022 and prepare for 2023!



Bonus BIM Tools for Fall Class Enrollment!!!

Get these bonus BIM tools to help you amplify your Archicad workflow.

SYSTEMS Cost Assemblies

For integrated quantification and cost calculation, the C5D SYSTEMS Toolkit can amp up any project file or template for estimating.

Get this advanced training course and toolkit free, as part of Fall Enrollment.

($399 Value)

Sketchup Rig for Archicad

This Archicad Template is built to receive Sketchup Project Files, to automate the process of generating floorplans, sections and elevations, exploded views and more.

Quickly output PDFs, DWGs and BIMx Files with this toolkit.

(Members Only)

Excel Loader

Our Excel Tool that helps build a bridge between Archicad and Excel. This tool enables you to quickly connect multiple Archicad outputs.

Get this advanced training course and toolkit free, as part of Fall Enrollment.

($99 Value)




Bonus Training for Learning MEP

$299 Value

Get this additional bonus training program to help you integrate MEP modeling into your projects.

While the CONTRABIM Template includes preset favorites, views, layouts and drawings for MEP systems, this training program will take you deeper into the clicks and tricks for modeling with the MEP tools.

Follow along with some short, fun exercises with the piping, ducting, and cabling tools.

How to Join CONTRABIM? 


New members can join the CONTRABIM Community through either monthly, or annual subscriptions.

During the Thanksgiving Special Enrollment period, save 20% off the Annual Memberships!


Step 1. Choose a Membership Offer

Whether you prefer to pay monthly or annually, please select the plan that suites you best. For greatest value and peace of mind billing, select the annual membership. For greater flexibility and month to month billing, select the monthly membership.

Monthly Offer

$35 billed monthly

  • For Individuals
  • Templates and Training
  • Full Membership Access
  • Community Access
Closes on 11/28!!

Annual Membership

$360 billed yearly (Save 20%)

  • Full Membership Access
  • Lowest Pricing of the Year
  • Community Access
Join Annually and Save!

Step 2. Download the current Template

Once you complete the checkout process from the previous step, you'll be automatically taken into the Membership and Community products.

Step 3. Jump into the Bootcamp Training!

It doesn't matter if you are a brand new user to Archicad, or experienced veteran, this Bootcamp Training will get you up to speed fast on the CONTRABIM Templates, and also expose you to a wide range of modeling techniques using a real project.

These on demand training videos will help you learn the ropes, and hopefully inspire you to tackle even the most challenging of modeling tasks with confidence. Go at your own pace, and either follow along using our sample project, or build your own by following the training sequence and modeling exercises.

Either way, you're guaranteed to learn a lot about Archicad and how CONTRABIM leverages this powerful software!


Short on Time? Want a Rapid Approach to Learning CONTRABIM?


We've assemble our Top 10 Template Essentials Training Videos, which will help get you situated within minutes.

Run through these videos to learn the biggest concepts behind the CONTRABIM Template, then dive into your own project with confidence or take the training deeper into the Bootcamp! 

Ready to Join CONTRABIM?

Select your membership type, and join today during our Thanksgiving Special to get the best pricing of the year!

Monthly Membership

$35 / Month

Open Until Monday 11/28

Annual Membership Special!

$360 $288 / Annual

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