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Do you want to design and build beautiful homes with speed, efficiency and accuracy?

The new CONTRABIM Residential Template for Archicad 25 & 26 will help you get the job done faster.

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Feeling stuck and frustrated with your BIM workflow?


  • Repetitive tasks stealing hours from your day?
  • Feeling pressure to complete home designs faster?
  • Want to improve your BIM process, but don't have the time?

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We understand the frustrations of not having a well defined process, or guide to follow when implementing a software as elaborate and powerful as Archicad. 

When starting out with Archicad almost 15 years ago, there was no roadmap or training program to explain exactly how to achieve the desired outcomes. Many of those functions were not even possible!

After a decade of utilizing Archicad in commercial construction, and over the past 5 years dedicated to Research and Development to make Archicad function far beyond the typical uses, we've rolled this effort into our latest Residential Templates so you can benefit on your projects!


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What's included with the Residential Template?

The latest Residential Template includes USA and INT Archicad versions for 25 & 26.

Built-in Training Guide

Do you want more training on Archicad BIM software? The New Templates features a built-in training guide in Interactive Schedule format. Easy to follow and links to our video tutorials!

Expanded Design Layouts

Is it taking too long to create layouts and publisher sets? The new Presentation, Schematic, DD & Construction Document workflows can speed up your design process.

New Residential Library

Are you constantly recreating and adjusting model element settings? The new Model Content Library will help you setup and dial in your standards into the fture.

Notes, Legends & Keynotes

Struggling to document your model? Utilize the new model content plan, schedules and worksheets to quickly setup your notes.

Built in Cost Estimating

Are you wasting time performing takeoffs from your models? Try the built-in C5D SYSTEMS and TRADES workflows included in the Residential Template. All setup and ready for your use!

  • New CONTRABIM Community!
  • New Monthly Content
  • Monthly Live Meetups
  • 5D Estimating Tools
  • MEP Modeling Course
  • Plus Much more!!


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  • Producing Models and Drawings Faster
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  • Feel in control of your design workflow
  • Feel competant and confident
  • Deliver the results your clients love!

While at the same time, avoiding:

  • Inefficiency that leads to lost profits
  • Falling Behind the Competition
  • Countless hours searching online for help
  • Burnout without Support
  • Disappointed clients

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