Three Hidden Copy & Paste Functions with ARCHICAD Marquee

As I'm combing through and making updates to my ARCHICAD Template, I'm realizing more and more the value of bringing 3D content, and sectional views right into the working floorplan.

Through this objective, I've found some hidden features of the Marquee Tool!

Check out the video below for more info!

Tip 1: Copy (Snip) Image from 3D Open GL View

Did you know you can use the Marquee tool as a snipping tool from an Open GL 3D View? You can, simply just marquee around the content you want, in Perspective OR Axonometry, Copy (Ctrl+C), and there you go! Simple paste using Ctrl+V onto a floorplan, section, worksheet, or any other 2d view.

Bonus Tip: If you have a Marquee in 2D or Sectional Views, you can PASTE an image within the boundaries of your Marquee! This can be useful as shown in the the video for aligning your 3D snipped content onto your 2d layout. Beware though this can skew your image if the boundaries don't match. If this happens, simply reset your pasted image size and then scale as necessary.


Tip 2: Copy Fills & Linework from Section

While in any section or elevation view, you can marquee around the content you want, and Copy (Ctrl+C) to copy all the fills and lines. This is similar to the output you'll get from a Detail, but without the link the live view.

Good for creating quick visuals, as shown in the video. I'm using this a ton for bringing windows and doors into a plan view to help organize my library.

Bonus Tip: Once pasted, you may want to use the fill and linework consolidation tools. This can reduce your poly-count big time!

Tip 3: Copy Fills & Lines from Vectorial 3D View

This tip is similar to the first one, but instead of copying an image from 3D, we can copy fills and linework from 3D using the Marquee tool.

This is similar to how 3D documents are created, but again without the live link. Useful for creating enhanced graphics or 3D details though, without the need for creating a 3D Document.


Check out the YouTube video here for more details!





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