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Using VLOOKUP Formulas to Store and Apply Property Data to Archicad Elements

Jul 13, 2020

In this video, we'll explore how to use Archicad's Property Exchange and Excel's VLOOKUP formulas...

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Creating a Refresh-able Link: ARCHICAD to Excel

Apr 01, 2020

 To take full advantage of the information (data) stored within BIM, we need to get the...

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How to Exchange ARCHICAD Property Data with Excel

Dec 07, 2019

 If you've ever struggled with exchanging ARCHICAD properties with Excel, then check out...

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Speed Estimating Demonstration - ARC5D International Metric

Aug 15, 2019

See how quick and easy it can be to produce quantities and cost estimates using the ARC5D...

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ARC5D in Action - Quick Modeling, Quantification & Estimating in ARCHICAD

Aug 09, 2019

Check out this quick video on the ARC5D Collaborative Template, highlighting CONTRABIM 5D...

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A 10-Story Condominium Project Gets Quantified & Estimated

Aug 09, 2019

Check out this quick video and see this project in action, along with the detailed quantity and...

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Concrete Structures - Modeling, Quantification & Costing

Mar 25, 2018

In this video (originally live-streamed), we'll run through techniques for modeling high-rise...

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