5D Estimating Pack (C5D 2020)

New C5D SYSTEMS (2021 Available Now)

C5D 2020 is a detailed method of model based estimating between Archicad and Excel.



A New Estimating Toolkit is Available! C5D SYSTEMS (2021)


The 5D Estimating Pack includes:

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Smart Property Sets

Instantly add cost estimating data to your projects with our 5D Property Sets.

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50+ Cost Report Templates

Start reporting immediately with over 50 detailed quantity cost report templates.

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Instant Estimating

Seamlessly link ARCHICAD reports to our macro-enabled Excel workbook.

Learn more about the C5D Estimating Pack.

In this short video, learn how C5D can be added to your project, the main features, and new improvements with the current release.


How it works

Get started in four easy steps:

  1. Import Properties
  2. Import Reports
  3. Assign Elements
  4. Publish and Refresh Excel
5D Estimating Pack Flow

Get started with the 5D Estimating Pack NOW!


Step 1: Import 5D Property Set

In a single action, you can import CONTRABIM's 5D Estimating Property Set and Classifications, which immediately provides access to the key BIM Data setup for driving the Estimating Workflow.

Import 5D Property Set

Step 2: Import Cost Schedules

Import one at a time, or all at once, it's easy to add CONTRABIM's 5D Report Templates (Interactive Schedules) to your project file.

Once available in your project, modify a few criteria to align to your Building Materials, and you're ready to start quantifying your model elements.

Import Cost Schedules

Step 3: Assign Properties to Elements

CONTRABIM 5D Properties and Reports make it easy to break down and summarize scopes of work by Trade of Construction.

Each report is setup for individual Trades, simply review the criteria, and assign the related properties to get the quantities flowing onto the report.

Assign Properties

Step 4: Publish and Refresh Estimate

Once you've assigned properties to your Model Elements, simply publish one or all reports, and refresh into CONTRABIM's Macro-Enabled Excel Template.



Publish and Refresh Estimate

This short video demonstrates how quick and easy it is to add C5D to ARCHICAD.

Get started with the 5D Estimating Pack NOW!


Bundle the CONTRABIM 5D Estimating Pack (C5D)

SAVE when you add our popular Quantity and Cost Estimating Training, or the collaborative ARCHICAD MasterTemplate

C5D pre-loaded within
ARCHICAD MasterTemplate (AMT)


Includes everything you need to get up and running in ARCHICAD, FAST:

  • ARCHICAD MasterTemplate (AMT) by Eric Bobrow
  • C5D pre-loaded in AMT for instant use
  • Residential & Commercial Project Example files

C5D pre-loaded within
ARCHICAD MasterTemplate (AMT) + Online Training


Everything you need, plus training: