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Take control of your BIM projects, by deploying an all-inclusive, multi‑phase reporting template that integrates design and construction seamlessly in ARCHICAD®.

Includes 12 Month Access to New Templates and Product Releases.



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Fast, easy tools to help you get the most out of your BIM data

CONTRABIM provides you with everything you need to quickly turn your BIM data into quantity and cost reports:

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100+ Report Types

Powerful and practical reports that work with Microsoft Excel®. Read more.

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Multiple Viewing Modes

Organize your ARCHICAD file with viewing modes. Read more.

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2000+ Part Construction Library

Over 2000 pre-loaded Model Elements are pre-loaded. Read more.

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Support & Training

Access to additional resources including sample files, tutorials, downloads.

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Monthly Downloads

Access bonus reporting templates for specific project types, from residential to high-rise towers. Read more.


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CONTRABIM: A New Delivery Method


Our goal is to balance optimal performance, functionality, simplicity, and ease of use.


CONTRABIM was originally built for large, complex commercial projects, which is well reflected by our approach to content management, detailed reporting methods, and large library of construction model elements.

While having a detailed and complex template enables added benefits and efficiencies, it also can create challenges during initial adoption.

With any ARCHICAD Template, we understand it can be overwhelming for new, and even advanced users to jump in and be efficient. This is a hurdle we're determined to overcome.

That is why we're excited to change up the formula, by delivering monthly content that highlights how CONTRABIM can be applied to specific project types, selected and influenced by our users.

This provides the opportunity to focus conversations, training content, and sample files through a simplified approach, enabled easier adoption and ready to use products.

Each month we'll build up an example project, and then strip it down into a template format ready for use.

From residential homes to high rise towers, we'll apply the CONTRABIM template to specific markets, enabling you to do more with this powerful tool.

Join us on this journey as we push ARCHICAD forward together.


We started developed on CONTRABIM back in 2016, to help project teams leverage their BIM data for reporting on large, complex commercial projects designed in ARCHICAD®.

While that still stands true, CONTRABIM now also includes more content tailored to suit individuals and smaller projects.

CONTRABIM is constantly evolving in response to feedback and industry input - read more here.

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What's included:

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Dual Layer System

Dual Layer Systems allow both Design Modeling and Construction Modeling Workflows to exist, while you work in-between, accessing both sides with precision and speed.

Estimating Tools
Reporting Tools

Produce powerful yet practical reports, with the included Excel Loader (CXL) and 5D Estimating Pack (C5D).

Model Elements
2000+ Model Elements

Our continuously evolving library of model elements are built for all aspects of design and construction. Not only do they look good, but most importantly, report accurately.

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Monthly Templates

With over 50 cost reports broken down into the trades of construction, you can easily build estimates and purchase orders directly from your ARCHICAD takeoffs.

Share BIM data across teams, platforms and project phases

Easily track BIM data throughout your entire project lifecyle - from early design activities, to pre-construction, and ultimately out into the field.

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Planning Design Activities

Our Planning Reports help to schedule new project design activities and deliverables, plus plan Architectural, Engineering and Design-Build scopes for enhanced team communication and transparency.

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Quantity & Cost Planning

CONTRABIM pioneered a new method of Conceptual to Design Estimating, utilizing zones and model elements.

Our extensive set of quantity and cost reports, help you develop early budgets, while verifying outcomes as your ARCHICAD project develops.

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Procurement & Coordination

Using our Pre-Construction reports, continue into Procurement and Coordination with key subcontractors.

Track progress, and use the power of ARCHICAD to plan, design, review and approve shop drawings.

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Field Planning & Operations

Use our field planning schedules to highlight scopes of work to be tracked and performed in the field.

Export layout points for survey.

Run Operations & Maintenance Schedules, to further manage the completed project.

Viewing Modes

Organize your ARCHICAD file into easy to use, easy to navigate modes, that connect content and put all the information at your fingertips.

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Streamlined Design Mode

Quickly and accurately develop document sets utilizing the streamlined Architectural Design Mode.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

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Reference & Review Mode

Create unparalleled BIM context, by referencing in your most important PDF and DWG design documents.

Compare and review your BIM project with team drawings, utilizing ARCHICAD's Trace & Reference Tool.

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Construction Planning Mode

This mode includes views that help isolate and detail building systems. Filter model views for specific trades of construction, to verify dimensional layouts and prepare for shop drawings.

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Shop Drawing Mode

Collaborate with designers, contractors, and subcontractors using this mode.

Detail Shop Drawings in 2D and 3D, without cluttering up your ARCHICAD design layers, or, use this mode for referencing your most important Trade Submittal Shop Drawings.

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Open BIM Exchange Mode

Make the process of importing and exporting of 3D model geometry even easier with pre-setup views for importing files (including RVT, IFC, DWG, SKP, and Point Clouds). Or, export your project by system or trade, and streamline your model exchange and viewing in third-party platforms.

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Reporting Mode

Create reports for every phase and aspect of your project, including Design Planning, Estimating, Reviews, Submittals, Coordination, Quantification and so much more. Use inbuilt Planning tools for Design, Preconstruction and Operations; and Analysis tools for quantification, estimating, and scheduling.

Construction Planning Mode

This set of building systems based views allows a different perspective on design, breaking down scopes into organized views to help coordinate the details, and prepare for construction.

Driven from the same design layers, but allowing for greater detailing and inclusion of Shop Drawings for coordination.

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Construction Library

Our ever-expanding library of over 2000 items is regularly updated with current BIM data, and optimized for visual display.

Library to Project Template Workflow

Consider our Construction Library as a store, for shopping through and selecting the model components applicable to your next project. Build your content plan, save as a module, then link into a new PLN/TPL file to get started fast.

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Support, Training and Downloads

When you purchase CONTRABIM, you gain instant access to our content library, containing:


Monthly Example Files

Each month we'll be rolling our customized Templates Examples.


Video Tutorial Library

Learn about new templates and workflows when they are released.


Bonus Products

Get access to the full C5D and CXL tools.


Growing with You

We continue to develop CONTRABIM to better suite your needs.

CONTRABIM - Looking to the Future

We pride ourselves on creating a product which is flexible enough to meet the needs of our industry. With that in mind, each month we create new content and downloads to support our customers.

Throughout 2020 we will additionally release project-specific templates ready for use. From residential homes to high rise towers, we'll apply the CONTRABIM template to specific markets, enabling you apply it to your projects, faster.

Let us know if you'd like to see a version for YOUR industry (using the form on the right) and we will let you know when it becomes available!

What project type do YOU work on?

We'll let you know when a matching template is available! You can submit a few entries if you work on multiple types.

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All Subscriptions come with bonus monthly template releases.

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CONTRABIM 2020 (Monthly)

$99 /month


  • CONTRABIM 2020 (CB2020)
  • Built-in 5D Estimating Pack (C5D)
  • CONTRABIM Excel Loader (CXL)
  • Access to Training Videos

*Monthly subscription available with 12-month commitment. $1188 Total Annual Cost.


CONTRABIM 2020 (Annual)

$996 /year

SAVE $192*

  • CONTRABIM 2020 (CB2020)
  • Built-in 5D Estimating Pack (C5D)
  • CONTRABIM Excel Loader (CXL)
  • Access to Training Videos

* Saving based on 12-months of CONTRABIM monthly subscription, totalling $1188.