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company news website Sep 03, 2019

Hi Everyone!

John here, and yes this is my first ever blog post on the brand new CONTRABIM Website! (Sorry WIX, we've ditched you for Kajabi, and couldn't be happier:)

Thank you for being here, and I'm so excited to share some news and updates as we close out 2019, and roll hot into 2020.

New Logo!

First off, I'm really happy to share our new brand Icon and Word-Mark. Simple yet bold, while representing the infinite possibilities we see in ARCHICAD and in BIM. 

CONTRABIM is a resistance to the status quo. And we feel this Icon captures that disruption and the bold systems we're building into our workflows.

What do you think?


New Website!

When we found Kajabi (our new website builder), we couldn't have been more excited!

We found everything we needed to deliver our products in combination with advanced training programs, in a clean professional format to enhance our customer's experience.

It even has a mobile application, so you can access all your videos and products on any device.

Something we are really excited about, is the community that we can create on this new site. We have ambitions to create discussions around ARCHICAD, so we can all push the boundaries forward, together.

This new membership not only allows us to better deliver our content, but enables us to connect and share information like never before.

We've never been so excited about the future of our online presence.

Our New Store is Open!

Yes, finally! An online store setup for CONTRABIM products and training programs. Now we can seamlessly integrate purchases with product delivery, so you get immediate access to downloads and training videos.

Users will have their own login and library containing all their products. As you work through the curriculum, you'll be able to monitor progress and stay motivated, as we encourage you along while continuing to deliver new content.


We are currently making some big upgrades to get ready for our 2020 release (AC23). We decided not to build a 2019 product, but integrate it into the 2020 purchase. So for those wanting to buy 2020 now on pre-sale, you can download and familiarize yourself with 2019.

CONTRABIM Excel Loader (CXL)

This is a brand new product, broken off from the larger CONTRABIM system. Now anyone can leverage our Excel Report Loading macros, enabling you to build out custom workbooks/dashboards and automate your reporting from BIM into Excel.

CONTRABIM 5D Estimating

C5D is currently available for ARCHICAD users who want to continue with their own templates, while taking advantage of the CONTRABIM 5D workflow. Upgrades are coming to C5D with the 2020 release as well.

Check out our store and make sure to subscribe below to get exclusive offers and discount codes.

It's a Wrap! AMT MasterTemplate + CONTRABIM 5D Estimating (AMT+C5D)

Many of you have probably seen videos or emails on the ARC5D Collaboration, between myself and Eric Bobrow, founder of MasterTemplate and ARCHICAD Best Practices training programs.

I've known Eric for a while now, and we are so excited about this collaboration, as we deliver two powerful solutions packed into one product. We're literally delivering MasterTemplate, with CONTRABIM 5D Estimating (C5D) already built in! This saving hundreds of hours of work, for those who love working in MasterTemplate.

We've setup this combo template on the new membership site, with over 20 new training videos to help users of AMT+C5D get started quickly.

What's Included?

  • ARCHICAD v22 & 23 (USA & INT)
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Commercial Example Project
  • Residential Example Project
  • C5D Step by Step Application Videos

To learn more about AMT+C5D, check out the product page.

Quantity & Cost Estimating Course (QCE)

For those who want to start at the beginning, and learn how to build up a new quantification and cost estimating solution from scratch, this course if for you!

It's also for anyone wanting to deploy CONTRABIM, C5D, or the AMT+C5D combo template, as it builds a solid foundation of knowledge to better understand the workflows and systems setup in these products.

This 7-week training course also includes a Quick Start Kit, that packages up all the tools and learning examples into a single PLN.

For more info on the course, check out the description here


We want to hear from you!

What are your goals for 2020? What type of ARCHICAD training programs are you most excited about? We have some ideas of what types of tutorials, and training programs we want to create, but we'd love to hear from you to get your opinion on what is missing.

  • More training on modeling?
  • Rendering?
  • Visualizations?
  • Reports?
  • Interoperability?
  • Design Reviews?
  • Construction Coordination?

Stay tuned as we explore these subjects and more. We'll also be adding a comments section here to these blog posts as well. 


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